Update July 28th: A smaller wedding and a livestream video of the ceremony
Due to the ongoing COVID-19 crisis we have adjusted the parameters of the wedding. We will still be mailing invitations to you all, however now the wedding ceremony will be held over video conference. The details of this change are explained on this website under the tab: IMPORTANT NOTICE
Zahra Ispahany & Zain Shirazi

Zahra Ispahany


Zain Shirazi

Zahra Ispahany and Zain Shirazi

Please join us for our wedding celebration on

Soon to be Mr. & Mrs. Ispharazi

Nightfall in NYC, March 19th 2008:

Two people who had known each other their whole lives met as if for the first time—hearts racing and ears deaf to the buzz of the city, their attention fixed only on each other—knowing that one way or the other their relationship would never be the same again.

Twelve years have passed since that night they tremulously professed their love for each other: From strolls in spring kissed parks, to wintery beaches; from the rigors of university, to the challenges of work-life; from life-changing experiences in the Amazon Rainforest, to the tranquility of homemaking, Zain and Zahra still move forward in wonder of the mystery called love that keeps bringing more beautiful experiences and opportunities for growth.

Now the time has come to acknowledge their union with matrimonial ceremony, as they prepare to become Mr. & Mrs. Ispharazi, till death closes their chapter in the eternal tale of love.